La bella Sicilia, Sicily, Italy

Sicily (Italian Sicilia) is an island located on the south of Italy and it is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The destination is attracting most tourists in the high season but I would recommend to visit the island in a low season. In this case you can enjoy in delicious food and wine, discover historic places without rush and groups of tourists.

The best way to discover the island is to rent a car. Be prepared that the traffic in Palermo is chaotic. There is a lot of interesting sights therefore, seven day is a minimum to discover the must see places.

Don’t miss Teatro Greco in Taormina. This pictures sight is amazing to visit when the sun is shining. From the top there is a marvelous view towards the mountain Etna and the coast. Climbing to Etna is possible only in summer.

File 26-06-15 10 19 53_resized_webHungry for Travel foodie hint: Dinner in a local osteria: Osteria Lo Bianco, Palermo (Via Emerico Amari)


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