In LOVE with Vienna

Vienna, now or never!

For sure now, or better to say, as soon as possible!  Vienna is an imperial city with many cultural and historic sites. Everyone  heard for a very famous Sacher cake, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Schoenbron, Prater, famous Opera house… I agree that the city is simply an open space museum but this time I was hungry for new hidden gems in the town. 

There are, without any doubt,  reasons why Mercer ranked Vienna as a first in its Quality of Living survey. Besides its tourists attractiveness, Vienna attracts young people with its excellent offer of universities and educational institutions. More or less I am one of them.

Sooner or later Vienna creeps under your skin, you do not  notice that but suddenly you are deeply in love with that city.  I can confirm that this very special city offers a plenty of sites and experiences, besides the main very well known tourist attractions.

Belvedere Palace and its garden is a place which definitely shouldn’t be missed, when staying in Vienna. Belvedere consists of the two cute baroque palaces, Upper and Lower Belvedere. This imposing and breath taking palace was a summer residence for Prince Eugen of Savoy. You will definitely feel as a princess when walking through the garden surrounded with all colourful flowers and trees.

Prater, what to say, the legendary giant wheel from all postcards, movies and photos… It is worth to meet him, if only for a photo. When speaking about travel pics, Kahlenberg will offer you the best view on Vienna.


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