Foodie Wonderland at the Tabor Castle

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Laško is a town located in eastern Slovenia and is known for a thermal spa resort and the beer brewery Laško. The Laško Beer Brewery was founded by Franz Geyer and nowadays is the largest brewery in Slovenia. Besides the spa and the brewery, on a small hill is located a castle overlooking on Laško, in which restaurant foodies will definitely pamper their taste-buds.

The castle called Grad Tabor (grad in Slovene means castle) was built in 11th century and historically has had various roles, form hunting base over the administrative centre to court house. The castle was few times devastated in wars. After the second world there were some initiatives to revive the castle but all unsuccessful until the time when the brewery decided completely renovate the entire castle. Since that time, the restaurant on the castle is welcoming guests.


Since 2011 the restaurant is under the baton of the young chef Marko Pavčnik. In the domestic culinary circles the restaurant Pavus has the precious reputation as the one of the best in Slovenia. The restaurant is amazing, not only because of the amazing food but also because of the amazing location and friendly service. In 2014 the restaurant got the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. Price for quality here is not questionable!

When quenching our taste-buds we took four course tasting menu. For the starter we got a mix of vegetables, the second starter was a seafood plate (uh, amazing). The main course was meet with pumpkin puree and for desert it was served chocolate mouse with Laško beer. It is difficult to decide if the plates are more delicious or more eye appealing! When visiting Slovenia, don’t miss a meal at this fabulous authentic place. It is only one hour driving from the capital.  #travelicious #pavus


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