The Island of Lace, Salt and Cheese

Lace, Salt and Cheese Made under the Croatian Sun

The island of Pag is located in the central Dalmatia and is famous of its summer parties at the Zrće beach. The island offers much more then pure partying.

Due to its location, the eastern part of the island, which is exposed to the mountain Velebit, is mainly barren and rocky, and on the other hand, the western part is overgrown with Mediterranean vegetation.

The top 3 famous products form the party island of Pag

The town of Pag is famous of its lace. The lace making lady is the symbol of the town. All over the town you will find lace making ladies sitting in front of their houses and marking lace products as napkins, earrings and different souvenirs. You can not miss the main square with the Church of the Assumption of Mary surrounded with many locals, which is a central point of happening during the summer days. Lovely places for dinner are restaurant NaTale and konoba Bodulo.

At the entrance of the town of Pag are located the Pag salt pans. The island of Pag has special conditions for the production of sea salt. The micro climate, a high number of sunny days, winds that blow constantly from the mountain of Velebit, naked rocks and scarce vegetation make an extraordinary landscape. Solana Pag is the largest producer of the sea salt in Croatia. The production is based on a thousand year old tradition of producing sea salt on the island of Pag.

In the town there is a beach located near the centre. In Vodice, mainly tourist resort, which is a part of the Pag town, you will find many small and lovely beaches. On the Sv. Vid beach, which is overlooking on the Pag canal, are mainly few people, except in the high season. These beaches are excellent for travellers, who are not big fans of crowded places.

The third very famous product from the island of Pag is the Pag cheese. The cheese is made exclusively from sheep’s milk local indigenous breeds of sheep, whose production is seasonal. You can buy the cheese all over the island but the most famous and indigenous one you will find in the dairy Gligora in Kolan (on the way from Pag to Novalja).

The town of Pag is the town with the authentic Mediterranean and local spirit. You can reach the central party place, the Zrće beach, with local busses, witch are operating on an hourly basis to Novalja.


One thought on “The Island of Lace, Salt and Cheese

  1. my father is from pag, a small village actually. i love this island, and you have captured it so well!!! i hope to go back next year to visit my grandparents. greetings from australia.


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