Foodie Heaven in Tenerife

If you are hungry for travel Tenerife is definitely place for your next adventure. A place with 365 days of spring, with a bit more sun on the southern part of the island, Tenerife has a great climate and amazing cuisine. Foodies will not regret visiting the island in the middle of the Atlantic!

Canary cuisine, and consequently cuisine in Tenerife, is a simple kind  of pleasure. The traditional dishes are made by ingredients produced on the island; potatoes, fish, seafood, green salads and local vegetables. There is only one rule, do not eat at touristic crowded places, there are plenty places for local meals, just open your eyes and enjoy these marvelous flavors.

The most spotted Canarian dish you will get on your table is mojo con paps. Mojo is spicy salsa sauce made from coriander, basil and chili peppers. You can get red and green mojo and it is served with papas arrugadas (potatoes).

Red and green mojo
Papas arrugadas



My Favourite Coffee

Cafe bonbon (barraquito in Canary Islands) is my favorite coffee. You can usually find me enjoying it under the Spanish sun. The coffee is made as a mixture of espresso; condensed milk and cinnamon (and Baileys). If you don’t prefer alcohol, typically you can order cafe bonbon without Baileys. In The Canary Islands if you want to order cafe bonbon you have to order “un barraquito, por favor”.



Food Market in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz de Tenerife has an amazing market. The food market is one of my favorite places in the city. It is one of the best things to start your morning off. Have a walk through the place, it is very clean and colourful, where you can buy any exotic fruit and seafood from the Atlantic. There is a nice cafe where you can enjoy your morning coffee and read a newspaper, simply as a local.

Entrance to the market
Let me see what they are eating here in Tenerife
Exotic paradise




Exotic fruit
La fruta de cactus
Fish from the Atlantic
Nice place for a coffee



Typical Food from Tenerife

In the city of La Laguna (full name San Cristobal de la Laguna), the former capital of Tenerife, we had  lunch in Patio Canario. The place is known for serving local plates only from Tenerife. La Laguna is 15 minutes driving from the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife and you can easily park near the centre on the street or in a parking garage. On our menu were potatoes with a green mojo, local cheese with red and green mojo, filled mushrooms and carned de fiesta (meet prepared in a Canarian way). Simply yummy!


Off the Road Tavern on the North

One Monday while out on a road trip on the North of  Tenerife we found a tavern El Refugio (Icod de los Vinos). It is a simple local place where you will meet only pleasant local people, who are enjoying their lunch. Normally, they will always say “hola” to you as if they’ve known you all their life. At this place you can taste authentic food from Tenerife prepared in a way as if they are cooking at their homes. It is lovely place, worthy of stopping for lunch, and it is very cheap. “Que aproveche!”



File 26-06-15 10 19 53_resized_web You might be interested in Tenerife – More Than just an Island and Teide National Park.





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