Best of Cappadocia

Landscape, balloons, caves and much more…

Cappadocia is located in the central Turkey (Central Anatolia) about 750 km from Istanbul. This historic place is characterised by fairy chimneys and a unique historical and cultural heritage. The whole Cappadocia looks as an open-air museum.

Göreme is a touristic town, which is a central point for exploring all sights. Amazing landscape with cave hotels, houses and castles surrounded with pictures valleys and accompanied by delicious gastronomy. All that you can reach from Göreme.

Pottery tree
Horseback riding tours
Goreme open air museum
Pasabag fairy chimneys
Pasabag with impressive view
Pigeon valley with Uchisar castle
View towards the Uchisar castle from Goreme
Breathtaking landscape (no filter)



Red/Rose valley



Turkish TV series filming location 

Asmalı Konak was a famous Turkish TV series broadcasted on ATV. The shooting took a place in Ürgüp and the historical mansion is open for public. The drama was very popular in Turkey and since the last decade, specially domestic tourist are coming to visit this historical house.

Asmali Konak – typical historical mansion in Cappadocia
Asmali Konak

Hot air ballooning

Hot air ballooning is an experience, which simply cannot be described in words. It is a “cherry on top” of your experience when visiting Cappadocia. Don’t miss to see Cappadocia stoning landscape from the above.

The full post on hot air ballooning is available here.

Hot air ballooning

Pottery village in Cappadocia

Avanos can be reached from Göreme by a local dormus (small bus). The Kizilirmak (Red river), which is the longest river in Turkey, is passing through Avanos. Avanos is famous of its pottery and ceramic workshops. You can enter to any workshop and they will demonstrate you a process of making pottery. It is possible to make your own piece and this is definitely place for buying some local souvenirs.

Pottery demonstration in Avanos


Local cuisine

Nazar Börek is a lovely local restaurant offering traditional turkish meal. The place is located on the main street in Göreme and can be easily found. The team is very kind and they will make the atmosphere so kind that you will come back, during your stay in Göreme, to Nazar Börek.


Turkish cay

Wine tasting 

Turasan wine factory is located in Ürgüp. The winery owns vineyards throughout Cappadocia region. The winery is open for wine tasting, where is possible to buy their wine, from white, rose to red wine.

Turasan winery



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